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Manufacturing Management Department - Procurement Engineer

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Minimum education:


Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:


operating duty
1. Complete the corresponding procurement tasks on time and with good quality, and require the organization of bidding and price negotiation;
2. Be responsible for collecting the purchase demand from internal customers on a regular basis, cooperating with business units to develop feasible production plans, matching the corresponding purchase plans, and conducting procurement closed-loop according to the plans to ensure the production and research needs;
3. Organize or assist the organization to evaluate the performance of the supplier in charge (including quality, delivery time, etc.), and output relevant evaluation data;
4. Be responsible for organizing technical exchange and technology sharing between business demand departments and suppliers;
5. Statistics and analysis of module data to support the company's procurement decisions.

Job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in machinery and finance is preferred;
2. Good communication and coordination ability, strong pressure resistance.