R&D innovation

R&D innovation

Shangzhuan stock has a strong R&D and innovation team, which is composed of professional and technical talents with high academic qualifications at home and abroad. Technical innovation and new product development are the core of the company's development strategy. It has achieved many scientific and technological achievements, and has the ability to integrate design and research and develop independently, providing customers with high-quality products and services

1、 Mature CDF technology

Shangzhuan stock has a core set of its own design and development theory, database and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology. After many years and a lot of repeated engineering applications, CFD technology has been very mature, with high calculation accuracy, and the error of calculation results and test results is basically controlled within 2%. It has greatly reduced the R&D cost, shortened the R&D cycle and improved the R&D efficiency. It realizes the performance optimization and ensures the economy of the product.

A. Presentation of product design research process

The products of Shangzhuan stockare generally systematically developed and optimized through CFD technology. Combined with engineering experience and CAO (Computer Aided Optimization) technology, the optimization algorithm such as neural network algorithm is used to realize the overall optimization of the products, which is the source of Shangfeng Hi-Tech products to provide customers with more energy-saving, efficient and low-noise products. The attached figure shows the product design and development process.

      (High quality grid division ensures the accuracy of calculation)
(Meridian 2D impeller design is controlled to 3D impeller forming)
(Flow field streamline diagram of developed centrifugal fan and axial fan models)
(Model aerodynamic optimization and noise reduction research)

B. Product and environment (or system) adaptability study

Our company's culture is to take customers as the guide, personally solve problems for customers, and provide customers with the best quality products and services.
The air volume and pressure required by many system environments are unknown or inaccurate, resulting in that the installed fans are not in the operation efficiency zone, and the phenomenon of large horse pulling the car is very common. In order to solve this problem, we provide customers with system environment numerical simulation services to select more suitable fans.
The following figure shows the accurate numerical simulation and analysis of the plant for customers, and the flow field distribution at various locations in the space.


(Plant layout)
(Grid division in the plant)
(Cloud diagram of velocity field in the cross section of the powerhouse)
(Distribution diagram of flow field in cross section of the plant)
(Distribution diagram of flow field in longitudinal section of power house)

2、 Mature FEA technology

Shangzhuan stock has accumulated a lot of data and experience in many years of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) technical practice, and is very suitable for the actual physical properties of common materials in the Chinese market.
At the design stage, the variety of materials, material thickness, structural form and processing method used shall be fully calculated and repeatedly adjusted to ensure that the product parts can withstand various forces during operation, ensure the long-term reliable operation of the fan, and ensure the reasonable cost of the product. The final product plan has passed the reliability verification of the laboratory, and the failure analysis and life extension analysis have been carried out on the products that have passed the aging test, so as to reach a clear conclusion, so as to improve the product reliability for customers and reasonably save equipment investment.

(nephogram of fan deformation distribution)/(nephogram of impeller stress distribution)/(vibration mode diagram of nuclear-grade fan)
(blade vibration mode diagram)/(blade fatigue strength analysis result nephogram)/(hub stress distribution nephogram)