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YDF induction fan


Centrifugal box fan

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  • Appearance and size
    • Commodity name: YDF induction fan
    • Commodity ID: 1060226734244061184
    1、 Product Overview
    1.1. YDF induction fans are mainly used to arrange multiple induction fans in a certain distance and direction under the condition of no air duct, and use a small amount of high-speed jet gas to drive and induce the surrounding static air to achieve efficient and economic ventilation effect. It can also be separately arranged in the ventilation dead corner area to dilute the exhaust gas by inducing the high-speed jet of the fan.
    2. YDF induction fan is a self-nozzle type induction fan, which can be composed of multiple induction fans to form an induction system.
    1.3. Pollutant concentration sensing device and controller can be equipped according to user needs to realize automatic control (intelligent induction fan).
    2、 System features
    ● The design of ventilation system is simple, flexible, easy to modify and low error rate;
    ● No air duct system is required, saving space, convenient and flexible installation, and low maintenance cost;
    ● Flexible nozzle can be used for universal adjustment, and the jet direction can be adjusted at will, with strong flexibility;
    ● The installation position can be targeted without dead angle, improving the air exchange efficiency and air quality.
    3、 Product working conditions
    working temperature humidity Medium conditions Working power supply

    -20~ +40℃


    Air (dust content not more than 100mg/h) Single phase/220V/50Hz; Three-phase/380V/50Hz (specify when ordering)
    4、 Product application
    Fans are widely used in underground garages, parking lots, overtime malls, warehouses and other ventilation.
    5、 Product configuration
    5.1 Standard configuration
    ● Impeller; ● Motor; ● Box;
    ● Casing (volute, collector, support);
    ● Nozzle;
    ● Pollutant sensing device and controller (only intelligent);
    5.2 Spare parts and accessories (indicate whether to purchase when ordering)
    ※ Damping equipment;
    ※ Control box;
    ※ Install the hanger;
    6、 Product processing technology
    6.1. The impeller and casing of the fan are made of high-quality galvanized steel plates, all of which are produced by molds, and are formed by splicing and biting. The impeller is calibrated by static and dynamic balance, and the balance accuracy level is not greater than 4.3.
    6.2. The anechoic induction fan box plate is formed by numerical control bending, and the lining anechoic material and aluminum alloy type are connected and assembled by self-tapping bolts.

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