Humane advantage

Perfect technology, perfect life


Zhejiang Shangfeng High-tech Special Wind Industrial Co., Ltd

Leader of high-end ventilation equipment

Technical talents

Talent concept: people are the core capital, and talent is always our primary resource
Material selection criteria: our criteria for talent selection are based on morality, integrity and ability, and recognition of college culture; We cultivate talents through learning and competition; We provide every employee with a stage and opportunity to display their talents; We retain talents through career, emotion and treatment; We maintain talent development advantages through echelon construction system

Understand our company

Company Culture

Shangzhuan: mission: leader of high-end ventilation equipment.
The vision of Shangzhuan: to be able to resist the wind and live up to every trust!
Enterprise values: customers are our parents; Employees are our business partners; Performance-oriented, superior to superior and inferior to inferior: scientific and technological innovation is the basis of our development.


Craftsmanship spirit

Adhering to the concept of "simple, professional and quick implementation", the top personnel will adhere to the principle that customers are our parents, have the courage to break through themselves, step by step, and firmly go on the road of creating high-quality products, win customer recognition and create social value.