Humane advantage

Company Culture

Core concepts
Corporate Vision
● Vision of "committed to becoming a respected and trusted leader in high-end ventilation equipment"
corporate culture
● Simple, professional, and fast execution
Strategic development axis
● Order driven, technology leading, talent motivation
Core values of the enterprise
● Customers are our food and clothing parents
● Employees are our business partners
● Performance oriented, with top performers and bottom mediocre performers
● Technological innovation is the foundation of our development
Basic concept
management idea
● Encourage innovation, integrate resources, put quality first, and give priority to efficiency
management philosophy
● Talent philosophy: talent is a core asset
● Learning philosophy: no learning, no elimination
● Leadership philosophy: Leadership focuses on execution
System concept: system is strict
● Communication philosophy: Honesty is the key to communication
● Service philosophy: Service focuses on details
● Quality philosophy: Quality is the foundation of survival
● Cost concept: cost inspection management level