Humane advantage

Craftsmanship spirit

Group oath to reshape craftsmanship spirit
The 524 employees of the Manufacturing Department and more than 10 employees of the Quality Department, under the leadership of the department head, made a solemn commitment to improve their professional ability and quality, and made a solemn oath to abide by the spirit of craftsmanship, not to manufacture defective products, not to transfer defective products, and to create superior quality products. The manufacturing department has put forward the principle of "left face delivery time, right face quality". If you can't do it well, you should hit the face. Xie Bo, the director of the manufacturing department, encouraged the workshop staff to have the courage to change themselves, improve themselves, protect the "right face", and strive to become a professional craftsman.
Customer satisfaction is the only standard for high-quality products
Li Deyi, the general manager of Shanghai Polytechnic Co., Ltd., emphasized that quality is the cornerstone of the foundation and the primary factor to win customers, and customer satisfaction is the only standard to test high-quality products through the positive and negative cases of customers visiting the factory. Thanks to the efforts of the senior staff, the company's business has maintained a growth rate of 30%+over the years, and will continue to accelerate in the future. Platform, mechanism and marketing are our strengths, while quality has become the bottleneck restricting development. Next, quality improvement is the most important thing. From top to bottom, quality work has been improved to an unprecedented level. We are required to improve standards, learn standards, practice internal skills, reshape the spirit of craftsman of the upper professional, and create the upper professional quality products.
Drucker, the master of management, said: "A factory that is well managed is always dull, and there is no exciting event". This is the ultimate goal of college management. "Although it is hard to find thousands of grains of water, we can only get gold by blowing out the sand". There is no shortcut to improve the quality. The swearing conference is just the beginning. The dedicated staff will adhere to the concept of "simple, professional and quick implementation", adhere to the principle that customers are our parents, be brave to break through ourselves, step by step, and firmly go on the road of building high-quality products. Win customer recognition and create social value.